Company Overview

Airlink Distribution is a full service cellular device procurement company. We are cost effective and offer high quality end results that meet carrier specifications.

Service Portfolio

We have strategic relationships with carriers and distributors that allows us to procure like new, new and used devices. Our content clearing is done in house. We have liquidation centers where we can sell EOL, BER and locked devices. We service you from two secure locations, 1 in Hong Kong and the other in Santa Ana, California.


We have over 20 years experience of working with the world’s largest carriers. We deliver on all requirements while creating solutions that reduce new hardware costs and maintain the end users satisfaction with quality.

R & D Lab

Our research and development lab offer our customers a full range of testing capabilities to meet all the qualifications needs. Our highly trained engineers can simulate in field usage to reduce failures and ensure that your devices work as promised. With over US$1 million invested in the lab, we are confident that we can meet any customer’s requirements.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products through excellence in design and solutions.

Through our culture, our drive and the expertise of each individual employee, we are uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class product and services to a global customer base.

Carlos Toro
Founder and CEO of Airlink Distribution


What we do

Airlink Distribution has evolved from a traditional value added reseller and distributor into an engineering and manufacturing enterprise. Airlink has developed a unique portfolio of value added and value salvage services for traditional OEMs, Carriers, Retailers, and Insurance Providers.

Refurbished Handsets

Sales of CPO

Buyback Program

Handset Brokering Services

Accessories &

Back Housing
Rework & Anodizing Services

Engineering & Consulting

Our Team

Carlos Toro


Jennifer Toro

Vice President

Susan Coggins

Vice President of Sales

Robin Leder


Connie Smith

HR Manager


USA and  Dominican Republic with Strategic relationship with China.


Over 40 employees worldwide


$50 million in revenues


Minimal, self and bank financed


Global Supply Chains

Over the past 20 years, our executive team developed the most extensive and robust supply chain network in the industry. This network started in HK when we realized that in our industry, the way to procure parts and subcomponents was almost impossible. First, the manufacturer doesn’t want to sell any of these parts, and the market is filled with counterfeit and sub-quality goods.

We used our global engineering team to understand how the manufacturer makes the product. During this process, we developed our own rework procedure. This rework process involved many sub-parts components.

We then sourced these components from the market, and through this process developed our supply chain network