Apple Internal Batteries

  • 100% chain of custody compliant – furnished upon request
  • All batteries are vigorously tested, which includes scanning and matching of internal serial numbers, QR codes and manufacturer date codes.
  • All customer’s lots go thru a 10% Cadex qualification but can be increased to customer’s standards.
  • Cadex testing includes SOH & capacity discharge.
  • All batteries go thru 100% in house x-ray testing. All x-ray records are cataloged with pictures and are available upon request.
  • .05% of all battery lots are electronically certified to validate workmanship and authenticity.
  • Airlink adds a unique QR code to all of our batteries. This label can track the following: original SOH levels, shipping serial number and the date of test. We email these data records with every shipment. Custom fields can be added upon customer’s request.