Headquartered in Orange County, CA, Airlink is a full solution provider for all your mobility and consumer electronics products needs.

As an industry leader in after-sales services and product distribution of telecommunication and consumer electronics products, we offer safe, secure and reliable “re-purposing solutions” on a global scale.

Working on behalf of leading manufacturers, wireless carriers, telecommunication providers and retailers, Airlink is able to utilize our global network to effectively assume operational responsibility for the complete supply chain, including reverse logistics.

Airlink will not only be your re-purpose partner, but also your environmentally responsible partner. The environment matters, and we know how to help you avoid environmental problems before they occur. Rest assured that all electronic devices and components are handled in a safe, secure manner not only complying with state, federal and international regulations, but also exceeding the EPA minimum standards..

R2 Certified

As an R2 certified company, Airlink gives a “contractual guarantee” holding harmless both you and your clients from liability against environmental compliance risk. Together we can ensure that every product can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

Whether your needs are asset recovery, quality control, reclamation, liquidations or beyond, contact Airlink today to see how we can become your stress free re-purpose partner.