• Battery Reclamation & TestingNo idea what to do with old cell phone batteries? Our battery department has the solutions you’re looking for. Airlink buys batteries in bulk, then sort and restore old or discarded power sources for reuse. Batteries are Cadex tested to check overall state-of-health, then quality checked and individually bagged for redeployment. Airlink can also provide a customized recycling plan through our Used Battery Reclaim service package, bringing value to your bottom line.

    Our Custom Solutions include:
    – Testing and Charging
    – Reconditioning
    – Disposal

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  • QC Processing and SortingAirlink offers top tier quality control and sorting services to the mobility industry.  We strive to save you time and money by turning returned or collected merchandise into assets that can be resold or reused. You’ll know up front exactly what will be required to complete your project with detailed project instructions along the way.
    Our Services Include:
    – Sorting
    – Visual and Quality Inspection
    – Functional Testing
    – Labeling, Bagging, Packaging
    – Kitting

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  • LiquidationsWether you have opened or returned product, old distressed inventory or B-stock, Airlink will help turn inventory challenges into revenue solutions. Instead of writing off these items, Airlink will purchase your liquidation inventory turning your red ink into black.Contact Us
  • Device Content ClearingSales and distribution of used or refurbished product requires data erasure before heading to a new consumer. Airlink utilizes a certified software platform to clear content from any device, providing comprehensive reporting showing complete erasure for each product.Contact Us