• Airlink provides rework and anodizing services on all original Apple back housings.
  • We use OEM standards, OEM methodology, and OEM facilities. This unique service gives our customers a reliable product that reduces overall failures and rework.

How Does This Service Work?

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  • We scan all five of the QR codes for customer and internal record purposes.

  • We have a proprietary measuring system to validate potential candidates to ensure that all gap allowances form and fit are met during assembly process.

  • We sort out any housing that is too damaged. We offer customers our testing fixtures to reduce bad candidates to minimize freight and overall scrap costs.

  • We validate for authenticity.


OEM Anodizing Process


Assembly and Verification Process

  • Upon receiving from the anodizer, we first validate the QR codes, match the customer shipment.
  • 100% cosmetic inspection done.
  • We assemble all small parts to customer requirements.
  • AQL .65 is done on every lot for RF validation
  • All housings are QR coated at customers request with all our process data for visibility on the process performed.

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